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We do four-week intensive coding sessions for young people


Outreach Programs

We do outreach programs for rural students. We train them for at least 1year


Future Plans

We are hoping to build an innovation park to develop and commercialise ideas.


Our Inspiration

We believe coding is the key to social mobility, and that’s why we are pushing the boundaries of traditional coding education by developing a diverse set of approaches and programs to ensure all students develop the skills necessary to thrive and tackle the most pressing issues facing our world.




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Our Major Causes

Our outreach programs require different resources for them to be a success. We go to communities where there are no computers for examples and the children do no know the computer basics. Its a task we do together

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You can be part of our program through three ways. Be part of us as we change the world.


Register for our Bootcamps with the freshly graduated programmers from Zimbabwe's best universities

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Our outreach programs are meant for underprivileged children and the sessions are for free. Help us

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We are looking for young developers to help us with our Outreach Program. We travel around Zimbabwe. Be part of US

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